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Update: I didn’t drink too many drinks

All is well, continue with your normal daily activities. C:

I drank too many drinks

Wow I goofed SOS


congratulations snow white that’s fucking unsanitary as shit

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i think i can accurately say that i can crush a man’s head with my thighs

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I took that RPG quiz…

The Seraphic Assailant is the only class that has completely mastered the art of offensive light magic. Using this magic, Seraphic Assailants can create lances and swords out of pure light energy. These powerful weapons are devastatingly swift and can pierce through even the toughest armor. In addition, some Seraphic Assailants will occasionally master forms of powerful offensive elemental magic, though they are certainly not as adept with this type magic. Defensively, the Seraphic Assailant is much less adept at using light magic; however, they are still able to create weak shields and use basic healing magic. In addition, they can use their light to make some powerful and stunning illusions. Their greatest defensive asset is their ability to transform themselves into pure light energy. By doing this, they can avoid any damage and travel at speeds greater than any human can imagine. The only downside is that when they are in this form, they cannot engage in any sort of physical assault. Even without magic, Seraphic Assailants are some of the most powerful warriors in the world. As masters of weapons and martial arts, Seraphic Assailants are almost impossible to best in combat. On top of that, they can combine their light magic with their physical abilities to overpower even the most ferocious giants, monsters, and opponents. Although Seraphic Assailants have such incredible power, they hardly ever use it. Instead, they believe it’s wiser to fight and use their strength only when absolutely necessary. Seraphic Assailants fight solely for the side of light and are arguable the purest, wisest, and most just of all warriors.

Congratulations on reaching this powerful and sagacious class!

This is a special class and requires a very high amount of Angelic Luminosity. You scored 88% on this variable!

The Genie, impressed by your choices, has granted you the Hidden Power of Angelic Luminosity.

My engagement ring was always too big, I had to wear it on my middle finger. We were going to get it resized, but we couldn’t afford to.

It fits now. It fits perfectly.

My mom gave me a jewelry box today full of my stuff that I couldn’t/didn’t take with when I moved out.

It’s making me hyper emotional because it has a lot of really emotional stuff in it. Here’s a list.

ASB cards from middle/high school
A jewelry set my grandpa bought me for my tenth birthday that never fit (now it fits perfectly)
My coral bracelet from Italy
A gold bracelet from when I was a baby that has my name engraved in it
My engagement ring
The necklace Tyler bought me when we were going out in middle school
My guardian angel pins
My first ever pair of earrings
The perfect skipping stone
My first family ring (the one with the emerald in it)
A hair pin from when I was a little kid
An opal necklace my grandpa got me at some point or another that I always thought was “Old-lady-ish”
A diamond ring my grandma gave me
My grandma’s first anniversary ring
A necklace that my old penpal in Italy made for me

And a bunch of other stuff I had collected, rocks and stuff that my uncles had brought back from their adventures.

If you like cute duders, pictures of people being smiley and wonderful, and people that probably give amazing hugs and you DON’T follow noodlesandbeef, you need to reconsider your blog-following choices.

I will warn you all that it’s nsfw, and you probably shouldn’t go there if you’re a close-minded goober. But he’s so cute though.

There are a lot of dude butts. Did I mention there are butts? Because there are. They’re cute, too.

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